“I wouldn't have learned half as much about philosophy if I didn't have Rachel as a teacher, she provides lessons which are resourceful and entertaining. This is such an in-depth and interesting subject, that is taught well in a way that helps me to fully understand what I am learning as best I can. Lessons are always productive and enjoyable, and Rachel is very approachable. Rachel is an exceptionally good philosophy teacher - it is a very hard subject, but her teaching methods make it much easier to understand and has meant I got an A at AS."

Sam (student) Online Philosophy AS & A2 Tuition

“Rachel has been a very supportive tutor and I would highly recommend her. I was able to feel a lot more confident with the subject and she was always very helpful with exam tips which helped me develop my essay writing skills and achieve the A grade I needed to get into my first choice University."

Julia (student) Online Religious Studies & Ethics A2 Tuition

“I got an A overall for the Religious Studies A Level, after getting 85 UMS for A2 Philosophy and 87 for Ethics. I'm really pleased as the previous year before tuition I got a U. I just wanted to say thank you for your sessions. I found them really helpful & I believe your teaching and the resources you gave me were a seriously large factor in how I got the grade I wanted."

Adam (student) Online Religious Studies & Ethics A2 Tuition

“Rachel is such a helpful, supportive, kind and caring Tutor. She teaches me for A level Philosophy and Ethics. Before I started private tuition with Rachel, I was really struggling in this subject. I felt like I wasn't improving as the year went on, and I couldn't grasp the subject at all. That all changed once I started tuition. I have now been tutored by Rachel for 5 months and I thoroughly enjoy each and every lesson. Rachel has brought out my confidence in this subject and I no longer feel like I'm not improving and I am grasping the subject very well.

She teaches me in a way that I understand things, and if I am unsure she explains it thoroughly and effectively. I would definitely recommend Rachel to anyone who is looking for a Philosophy and Ethics tutor, and any other subject as she has such a wide knowledge! She's great and really supportive. Rachel, the crown goes to you, the A++ tutor. You're seriously the best, and I don't know what I would do without you! Thanks for everything you do."

Laura (student) Online Religious Studies & Ethics AS Tuition

“I came to Rachel for a one-off session to help me with the epistemology and metaphysics side of my philosophy course, that I had spent the whole year not feeling very sharp on. I came away feeling so much better, with the help of Rachel's clear way of explaining things and really useful techniques for essay structure, a key skill that had never been fully laid out for me before. I felt reassured after our session as she was happy to answer any questions I still had over email and mark an essay I had done under timed conditions, giving me detailed feedback. I'm glad I had her help as I went into my exam feeling much more prepared than I otherwise would have been and ended up with an A grade."

India (student) At home Philosophy A2 Tuition & Essay Planning

“Rachel has been tutoring my daughter, Laura, for five months now in A Level Philosophy and Ethics. Laura found this subject very challenging and difficult before we discovered Rachel. Since then, I have noticed her confidence grow, and so have her teachers at Sixth Form. They have commented on how outspoken Laura is in class debates about Utilitarianism, and has told me to thank Rachel for this. I would recommend Rachel to anybody looking for a Philosophy and Ethics tutor. She will help your child excel in this subject, and will ensure they get the highest grade possible. Laura is now understanding the subject a lot easier than she did, and for this, I thank you Rachel. You have been such an inspiration to Laura, in the sense that you have been so supportive and persistent in helping her along the journey. Thank you for everything you do for Laura, it's really appreciated."

J. Simnor (parent) Online Religious Studies & Ethics AS Tuition