“Our daughter started with Rachel in the later part of her first year of a levels when the school she was attending lost its ethics and philosophy teacher and failed to replace her. The school was failing to provide our daughter with even the most basic education in this her preferred subject for university and in desperation we went online to try to find a tutor to assist. Rachel was exemplary at all times and via Skype provided a first class service which not only enabled our daughter to catch up with the many modules she had not been taught but to achieve a 97% in her exam. We thus decided to let her continue to work with Rachel for the following year to prepare for both Ethics and Philosophy exams. I am pleased to say that she ultimately achieved grade A in these subjects due solely to Rachel’s teaching ability and is now studying Philosophy at Kings College London. We will forever be grateful for Rachel assistance and cannot find the words that truly reflect how effective a tutor she is. All we can do is recommend her in the highest terms possible.”

C. Pickles (parent) Online Religious Studies & Ethics AS & A2 Tuition

“I was extremely lucky to have found Rachel to be my tutor for my A level Philosophy – after an extremely disappointing and confidence crushing E grade at AS level I wouldn’t have believed my enthusiasm for philosophy would be brought back, and it almost certainly wouldn’t have if it hadn’t been for Rachel’s incredible talent for changing a subject that had become a chore to learn back to the subject I love. I have now since my AS gone up by 4 grades to a B as my final A level result, all of which is thanks to Rachel’s extensive capability as a tutor and mentor.
She made the subject objective, easy to follow and boiled down a 300 page textbook to essentially less than 50 pages with all the information needed to get the top marks. She not only helped me with the facts but also with exam technique. She’s an absolute pleasure to be taught by and even gave up 2 entire days to work with me one to one from 9am-5pm before the exam in addition to our 1 hour a week sessions. She’s extremely dedicated to her craft and her love for the subject is infectious. I cannot recommend her more as she is undoubtedly the best teacher I’ve had the pleasure to work with.”

Hannah (student) Online & at home Philosophy AS & A2 Tuition

“Rachel was very helpful in enabling me to learn the course in a short space of time and in great detail. She was especially good in ensuring I had a successful essay structure, and was comfortable with the mark scheme. She is also really easy to get on with which is useful as she always made me feel at ease!”

Renuka (student) At home Religious Studies & Ethics AS & A2 Tuition

“Rachel is highly knowledgeable about the course my daughter was studying, AS Philosophy and Ethics, and has managed to instill lost confidence back into my daughter before her exam. She is reliable, created a friendly learning environment and cannot come any more highly recommended. ”

M. Coulton (parent) At home Religious Studies & Ethics AS & A2 Tuition

“Rachel is an extremely engaging and knowledgable teacher and one who takes the time to get to know a student’s needs. I have been very impressed with how quickly Rachel has built a rapport with my son who is studying AS Religious Studies. He looks forward to his weekly Skype lessons with Rachel and very much enjoys discussing with her any philosophical issues that may have arisen during the school week. My son is a happier student knowing that he is having lessons with Rachel as she will give him the time to explain a topic that often the teachers at school don’t have. I have every confidence that Rachel will guide and support my son through his studies, ensuring he will reach his full potential. Thank you!”

V. Berdugo (parent) Online Religious Studies & Ethics AS & A2 Tuition

“Very happy to recommend Rachel, who has been tutoring my son in AS Religious Studies. She is brimming with enthusiasm about her subject, my son is definitely responding to this and looks forward to her teaching every week. Rachel is super organised and very well prepared for lessons. She is also a lovely polite person, and a gifted communicator. We are so pleased we selected her. Highly recommend.”

R. Bambage (parent) Online Religious Studies & Ethics AS & A2 Tuition

“As an external student re-sitting my unsuccessful RS exam results I contacted Rachel to help me prepare for my re-sits. Although we only had one lesson a week, the focus of these lessons on relevant information greatly increased my understanding of the subject. Her understanding of what examiners look for in answers completely transformed the way I wrote my essays and approached exams. This was invaluable and something I certainly didn’t get from my time in school. My original grades were a C and E and have improved to two A’s with Rachel’s help! I originally thought learning over Skype would be an awkward experience, however it has been the complete opposite. Rachel is really easy to get along with and I would 100% recommend her to someone looking to get their grades up.”

Jake (student) Online Religious Studies & Ethics AS & A2 Tuition

“I came to Rachel around a month before the start of my exams. While I only had six hours of Skype tuition her expertise in the subject is astounding. Her style of teaching, focusing on the finest details, has helped particularly with my essay writing. This is especially useful for anyone studying OCR Religious Studies. Each time I wrote an essay Rachel would critique it down to the smallest factual inaccuracy. While also ensuring the entire piece flowed with elegance and clarity. This played a big part in moving my grade from a B to an A*. I highly recommend Rachel to anyone who is aiming for a top grade in Philosophy.”

Cameron (student) Online Religious Studies & Ethics A2 Tuition & Essay Planning

“Rachel has made philosophy so much easier and enjoyable, I honestly don’t know what I would have done without her help. She managed to simplify the concepts so I could understand them and taught me how to answer the questions in a clear and straightforward way.”

Dan (student) At home Philosophy AS & A2 Tuition & Essay Planning

“Rachel is a kind and patient person who has always offered aid with my studies in and outside of tutoring sessions. She provided me with revision material and revision techniques that helped me an enormous amount. The tutoring I received has allowed me to achieve an A in philosophy and a B in ethics at A-level, something that I previously would have been unable to do alone. Prior to tuition I had achieved a D grade in philosophy and after tuition with Rachel I achieved an A. She made my large work load and retake tests seem manageable and I would highly recommend her to anyone.”

Rhiann (student) At home Religious Studies & Ethics AS & A2 Tuition

“It’s been a full year now since I was so worried about RE and you managed to convince me I could do it! Mum asked me to email you to say thank you for helping me, and you really really did, with my confidence so that I could actually get here today and get into University and get 3 A*’s in my exams! I never would have managed it without you; you made me realise my potential and I am so grateful!.”

Lottie (student) At home Religious Studies & Ethics AS & A2 Tuition

“Rachel is a kind, patient, empathetic tutor, who really made a huge difference to the grades my son received at AS and A level, helping him unravel the mysteries of Philosophy of Religion and Ethics. Rachel made the subject less daunting and gave my son the confidence he needed to achieve the grade he needed for university. She is very approachable, and is happy to explain concepts etc. as many times as is needed, to help my son understand the subject better. She is very patient, and as Rachel is young, I think my son finds her very easy to talk to. I would highly recommend her as a tutor.”

S. Blackburn (parent) At home Philosophy of Religion & Ethics AS & A2 Tuition

“Rachel helped me to move up to a B grade (from a D) in my AS RS philosophy resist. I had been struggling with it and lost my confidence with the subject, she helped to break down the subject for me to understand it and provided excellent resources and handouts. The lessons were always enjoyable and informative. After having her for my AS, Rachel tutored me for my A2 RS exam. She helped me to gain confidence and enjoyment in the subject again. Can’t thank Rachel enough for all her help, I wouldn’t have been able to get through the subject and exam ready without her help.”

Kelsey (student) At home Philosophy of Religion & Ethics AS & A2 Tuition

“Having a tutor over skype was great as it meant I could easily find convenient times for my lessons, plus, it feels as though you are talking face to face. I would definitely recommend Rachel to anyone considering having an RS tutor. Although I only had lessons with her for a short amount of time, I would have found it much harder to have got my A had it not been for Rachel, due to the way she is able to simplify what are mostly very challenging topics! Without a doubt worth doing,”

Louis (student) Online Philosophy of Religion & Ethics A2 Tuition

“Rachel, has been a tremendous help to my daughter during her A-level course in RS. She helped her boost her grade in AS but more importantly re-ignited her interest in the subject which helped her with the A2 subject matter. Rachel is a very pleasant young lady, who was always punctual and reliable. I would recommended her to anyone in need of tuition.”

A. Kelly (parent) At home Philosophy of Religion & Ethics A2 Tuition

“Rachel has really helped me after my disappointing first attempt at AS Philosophy. I lost a lot of confidence about the subject and in my ability and would not have been able to achieve anything near the standard of essays in the exam had I not had private tuition. She really helped me to fulfil my potential in the subject, offering a supportive role and being able to strip right back to the basics of the topics so that I could understand them easily. I found explaining the topics and having discussions about them with someone who understands these difficult arguments helped me to rectify my mistakes, but also increase my knowledge as one of the biggest challenges within RS is being able to convey your ideas well in the exam.

Rachel is kind, considerate, well prepared and the most helpful tutor I have had and she has really helped me over the past few months. I cannot recommend her highly enough and she can tailor her lessons to what you’re struggling with. She enabled me to go into my exams (both Philosophy and Ethics AS) with an excellent essay structure, the confidence to tackle critical analysis and the knowledge to produce good answers in a short space of time. Thank you very much for all your help.”

Hayley (student) At home Philosophy of Religion & Ethics AS Tuition

“Really impressed great rapport with my daughter. Listens well, very enthusiastic and encouraging.”

N. Lomas (parent) Online Philosophy of Religion AS & A2 Tuition

“Last year I contacted Rachel in desperate need of tuition as my school teacher wasn’t teaching me the Philosophy and Ethics course and having been at school for over three months, couldn’t even begin answer a question on even the first unit of the course. I had two hours a week with Rachel focusing on Ethics and in four months she taught me the entire course, sent me endless reading material and note sheets with extra information. Rachel was incredibly friendly, patient and efficient and as well as being a brilliant tutor, she is a genuinely lovely person. With four months of Rachel’s tutoring I scored 97% in both my Philosophy exam and my Ethics exam and couldn’t have been happier! I couldn’t recommend her more highly to anyone, she is absolutely brilliant.”

Charlotte (student) At home Religious Studies & Ethics AS & A2 Tuition

“Rachel has an incredible understanding, enthusiasm and knowledge of her subject. She adapts her approach to the individual learning style of her pupil, which was beneficial to my daughter. She also provides very helpful and detailed written information. I would highly recommend her.”

Rayann (parent) At home Religious Studies & Ethics AS & A2 Tuition

“In year 8 my son was facing some scholarship exams which overall he was well prepared for. However in tackling questions relating to RS, and the more general moral and political philosophy essays he was expected to write in the exam, I could sense he was afraid and unsure how to approach the big questions, which to him seemed unrelated to anything he had studied.
Rachel was excellent at making him feel comfortable and breaking down his fear about how to approach a seemingly impossible question. He enjoyed the sessions and found them a huge help. I was worried that adding tuition at a time when he was already overloaded with work, would cause resentment, but it was the opposite, he seemed less stressed about things, calmer and clearer after a session.

The level that was expected of him was easily GCSE if not higher, but Rachel was able to help him plan and use his own knowledge effectively to produce well-formed essays. I am still in touch with her to help on an ad hoc basis, not just when the pressure’s on, but also to guide him if he ever wants to talk through a tricky essay.”

Parent of Brighton College scholar

“Rachel has been tutoring my daughter, Laura, for five months now in A Level Philosophy and Ethics. Laura found this subject very challenging and difficult before we discovered Rachel. Since then, I have noticed her confidence grow, and so have her teachers at Sixth Form. They have commented on how outspoken Laura is in class debates about Utilitarianism, and has told me to thank Rachel for this. I would recommend Rachel to anybody looking for a Philosophy and Ethics tutor. She will help your child excel in this subject, and will ensure they get the highest grade possible. Laura is now understanding the subject a lot easier than she did, and for this, I thank you Rachel. You have been such an inspiration to Laura, in the sense that you have been so supportive and persistent in helping her along the journey. Thank you for everything you do for Laura, it’s really appreciated.”

J. Simnor (parent) Online Religious Studies & Ethics AS Tuition

“I came to Rachel for a one-off session to help me with the epistemology and metaphysics side of my philosophy course, that I had spent the whole year not feeling very sharp on. I came away feeling so much better, with the help of Rachel’s clear way of explaining things and really useful techniques for essay structure, a key skill that had never been fully laid out for me before. I felt reassured after our session as she was happy to answer any questions I still had over email and mark an essay I had done under timed conditions, giving me detailed feedback. I’m glad I had her help as I went into my exam feeling much more prepared than I otherwise would have been and ended up with an A grade.”

India (student) At home Philosophy A2 Tuition & Essay Planning

“Rachel is such a helpful, supportive, kind and caring Tutor. She teaches me for A level Philosophy and Ethics. Before I started private tuition with Rachel, I was really struggling in this subject. I felt like I wasn’t improving as the year went on, and I couldn’t grasp the subject at all. That all changed once I started tuition. I have now been tutored by Rachel for 5 months and I thoroughly enjoy each and every lesson. Rachel has brought out my confidence in this subject and I no longer feel like I’m not improving and I am grasping the subject very well.

She teaches me in a way that I understand things, and if I am unsure she explains it thoroughly and effectively. I would definitely recommend Rachel to anyone who is looking for a Philosophy and Ethics tutor, and any other subject as she has such a wide knowledge! She’s great and really supportive. Rachel, the crown goes to you, the A++ tutor. You’re seriously the best, and I don’t know what I would do without you! Thanks for everything you do.”

Laura (student) Online Religious Studies & Ethics AS Tuition

“I got an A overall for the Religious Studies A Level, after getting 85 UMS for A2 Philosophy and 87 for Ethics. I’m really pleased as the previous year before tuition I got a U. I just wanted to say thank you for your sessions. I found them really helpful & I believe your teaching and the resources you gave me were a seriously large factor in how I got the grade I wanted.”

Adam (student) Online Religious Studies & Ethics A2 Tuition

“Rachel has been a very supportive tutor and I would highly recommend her. I was able to feel a lot more confident with the subject and she was always very helpful with exam tips which helped me develop my essay writing skills and achieve the A grade I needed to get into my first choice University.”

Julia (student) Online Religious Studies & Ethics A2 Tuition

“I wouldn’t have learned half as much about philosophy if I didn’t have Rachel as a teacher, she provides lessons which are resourceful and entertaining. This is such an in-depth and interesting subject, that is taught well in a way that helps me to fully understand what I am learning as best I can. Lessons are always productive and enjoyable, and Rachel is very approachable. Rachel is an exceptionally good philosophy teacher – it is a very hard subject, but her teaching methods make it much easier to understand and has meant I got an A at AS.”

Sam (student) Online Philosophy AS & A2 Tuition